Roses – The emblem of artistry, pure virtue, vital force, and romance. They are elegant, glorified, and well-armed. Are they really the true mystic of seductive attraction? 

Roses are a fantasy of a romantic breeder come true. It is estimated that there are around 30 to 35 thousand rose breeds to this day. When we have any one of them in our garden, these fragrant plants blend back into nature. 

For millennia, roses have impressed the minds of humans and seduced their souls.

Would you appoint some flower to reign, In matchless beauty on the plain, The Rose (mankind will all agree), The Rose the Queen of Flowers should be.

Sappho, Greek Poet

For centuries, plants of the Rosa family have been bringing joy to our gardens. Moreover, we have been using them to express many feelings as I love you, I am sorry, Best of Luck and so on. The reason for choosing the rose for such occasions is simple. They smell amazing, they look beautiful, and they come in different colours. 

However, do you know the actual significance of roses, meanings of their colours, different types of them? 

Yeah, so if you are planning to give your partner a bouquet of roses to express your love, you might need to ensure if that colour is the appropriate one.  Please keep reading to learn what roses symbolize, what different species they have, and the hidden message behind every rose colour.

Types of Roses

There are various species of the rose plant, and not all of them are created equal. The wide popularity of roses is not just because of its beauty and aroma, and its flexibility is also a big virtue. From planting at a slight angle on a tree to creating a marvellous hedgerow, rose species can be used in many situations.

They are mainly divided into the following categories:

Old European Garden Roses

Five subclasses of roses that are Gallicas, Damasks, Albas, Centifolias, and Mosses make up the category “Old European Garden Roses“. 

Most of the old garden roses blossom once in the growing season. However, there are some exceptions to it. Before the beginning of the trade of Rosa chinensis in the 18th century, old garden roses proudly bloomed most of the European gardens. 

They are extremely tough and need very low maintenance. Full of character, these highly fragrant roses give a spectacular display.

China introduced repeat-flowering old roses to Europe in the 18th century. They got popular within no time due to their unique ability to repeat flowers throughout the blooming season. 

The European old garden roses can easily survive in cold regions. Zone 7 and higher are not typically ideal for them. 

Examples of Old European Garden Roses

  • Gallicas 
  • Damasks 
  • Albas 
  • Centifolias
  • Mosses

Hardy Repeat-Blooming Old Roses

Hardy old roses have everything a breeder would dream of. They are disease resistant, remarkably aromatic, beautiful looks, and tough enough to survive even the harsh winters. 

They only lack the ability of repeat-flowering throughout the summer. 


  • Bourbon
  • Portland
  • Hybrid Perpetual

Modern Roses

Following the evolution of tea/hybrid perpetual crossbreed, the era of modern roses was begun. In 1867, the breeder Jean-Baptiste Guillot developed a crossbreed and named it ‘La France‘.

Following are the examples of highly popular modern roses:

  • Hybrid Tea
  • Grandiflora
  • Miniature
  • Floribunda

Shrub Roses

Most of the shrub roses are the results of crossbreeding between species roses and modern bush roses. They vary in size, and some of them can grow up to 5-6ft in height. When cultivated in the right conditions, shrub roses bloom repeatedly. They gain most of the glamour from their massed effect.  

They are famous for their attractive shapes, outstanding survival instincts and their moderate disease tolerance. You can come across many shrub roses with class and term names such as “Dr Buck Roses”, “Canadian Explorer Roses”, “English Garden Roses”. 

The evolution of shrub roses made it easier for modern gardeners to maintain quality roses in a much easier way. You can rely on shrub roses for their repeat-flowering throughout the summer. 


  • David Austin Roses
  • Hybrid Musk
  • Hybrid Rugosa
  • Roses With Long Canes

Red, White, or Pink? Here’s What Each Rose Color Means

Roses are always considered to be a classic gift because of their elegance, aroma, and beauty. But, are you aware that every rose colour delivers a different message?

When you understand the symbolic meaning of rose colour, it deepens the significance behind the gift and the gesture.

Pink Roses

Pink roses are available in dark and light shade, and both carry a different message. Symbol of gentleness and grace, light pink shade is given as a statement of sympathy.

On the other hand, the dark shaded pink rose shows gratitude and thankfulness. It is a floral representation of saying “Thank You”.

White Roses

The freshness of colour white symbolizes the gesture of remembrance. Before the red roses, it was the white rose that used to be a traditional way to express love. Today, white roses are associated with new beginnings.

Red Roses

This one is also known as the classic rose. Widely popular for its use to express love, Red roses are a symbolic representation of passion and romance. Since ages, red roses are the ultimate form of saying “I Love You”. 

Yellow Roses

Mainly used to represent cheerful temperament and bright colour, yellow roses are the best way to make a friend. For the occasion where you have to say, ‘get well soon’ or ‘congratulations’, a bunch of yellow roses can add value to your wishes.

Orange Roses

Orange is undoubtedly one of the most energetic and vibrant colours. For obvious reasons, it represents extreme desire and passion. When you want to add more enthusiasm to your message, orange roses would be the best.

Purple Roses

A pure reflection of “love at first sight“, purple roses are used to remind someone of your unconditional love. A deeper shade of purple symbolizes a sense of supremacy, royalty, and richness.

Peach Roses

A bunch of peach roses is an ultimate way to express your recognition and thankfulness towards someone. Popular to represent modesty and simplicity, peach roses are great along with a thank you note.

Ivory Rose

Ivory rose might resemble a white rose; however, it delivers an entirely different message. Ivory roses are a symbol of glamour, indulgence, and gratefulness. They also reflect royalty and excellence. When you wish to remind someone about how much you care for them, send them a bouquet of Ivory roses.

Lavender Roses

These rare and stunning roses are often linked with mesmerism, magic, splendour, and enigma. They perfectly represent something magical such as love at first sight. Grab a bunch of lavender roses if you have a message to send for your secret crush.

Black Roses

Although the black colour is often linked with death and preferred at funerals, black roses have a different meaning altogether. They reflect a definite beginning of new things. Black roses indicate the birth of a new age and deliver fearlessness and dreams.

Blue Rose

When you give some a set of blue roses, you indirectly tell that person how exceptionally perfect and unique he or she is. They are the best for women who lead their lives by their own rules.

Mixed Roses

Mixed roses mean multiple messages! For example, if you combine red and white roses, they reflect love and a new beginning. Or if you unite black and blue roses together, they symbolize fearlessness, courage, and ultimate perfection.

Medical Benefits Of Roses

Roses have been a part of human lives for ages. Many poets and lovers have enthusiastically praised their virtues. This 35 million-year-old plant has symbolized love, beauty, war, and politics through the different periods of history. 

Even though we now consider roses only as a part of floriculture and perfumery, their supremacy increased a lot in ancient times. 

Since the medieval era, Roses have secured a prestigious position in Hinduism, Christianity, and Buddhism. Besides the use of religious symbolism, their practical significance in the field of medicine has attracted many scholars from all around the globe. 

We all know that roses are the most romantic flowers in the world. Their name itself has the power to cheer up our hearts with romance, righteousness, and simplicity. However, there are many other hidden health benefits and uses of roses that you might not be aware of. 

This section of the article proves that roses are much more than just a set of fragrant petals. Let us look at what we have grasped so far about rose essential oil, rose hips, and therapeutic applications.

Rose Essential Oil

Roses (Genus Rosa) are the source of rose essential oil with various aromatherapy and romance applications. Many studies have reported that with an excessive amount of Citronellol, the scent of rose oil has antidepressant, calming, and stress-relieving effects.

This oil is mainly extracted from Damask Rose (Rosa damascena and Rosa centifolia) due to its fragrance that is worth a king’s ransom. There is a great demand for rose oil in aromatherapy that aims to deliver peacefulness and composure.

According to research, the essential oil extracted from rose plants has far-flung fringe benefits. Through various studies and trials conducted across the globe, numerous physiological and psychological merits of rose oil have caught the eye.

Most of the trials to detect pharmacological properties of roses were done on animals; however, there are a few studies conducted on humans. Such human-involved studies revealed that rose essential oils have anatomical, psychogenic, anesthetic, and anti-anxiety effects. 

Some studies also showed properties that helped improve sexual dysfunction in humans. According to Persian medicine, rose oil has demonstrated anti-inflammatory and anti-hemorrhoidal properties, too. To date, no side effects of rose oil have been reported.

Rose Hips 

Rose hips are the circular portion just under the array of petals of the rose. This part of the plant contains the seeds and is also known as seed pot. Highly-concentrated with Vitamin C, garden-fresh rose hips promise to treat cold, flu, and Vitamin C deficiency.

Moreover, they help treat stomach acid deficiency, Gallstones, and Gall bladder ailments. When the rose hips are dried up, they are used with rose seeds as a medicine. There is evidence that reported rose hips are favorable for treating Osteoarthritis, Obesity, Rheumatoid arthritis (RA), Diarrhea.

Generally, rose hips are administered orally for the treatments of osteoarthritis, infections, and obesity. They are also used topically to reduce stretch marks. Being enriched with Vitamin C, rose hips are widely used in tea products, jams, and soups, as it is considered as immunity boosters.

This whole section focuses on the medical benefits of roses beyond just gardening. This medically efficient plant is full of vitamins and minerals and has antibacterial, antifungal, and antioxidant properties.

Researches still believe that there are even more potential benefits of roses, which creates room for more trails. In short, roses can be used to produce medicines, drugs, and other health-improving products apart from using as just a fancy, decorative plant.

7 Reason Why Roses Are The Best Flowers

Rose has long been loved for its aroma and beauty. It brings a freshness and vibrancy that is a pleasure to behold. One of the most beautiful creations of nature, roses have a strong connection with human hearts. 

Over the years, poets, philosophers, painters, lovers have glorified the charm of roses and its aura of positive vibes. Undoubtedly, nature took plenty of time to put every petal together and create the Queen of Flowers, Rose.

Just so you know, roses are the most loved and popular flowers among approximately 2 lakh 30 thousand flowers found on our planet. Around 5000 years ago, China began cultivating roses, and today, there are over 100 different species of roses that are spread across the northern hemisphere.

This timeless and glamorous flower is highly preferred in private gardens due to its hardiness, elegance, fragrance, beauty, and disease tolerance. Beyond the traditional tag of “classic expression of love,” roses are the reflection of cheerfulness, joy, and pleasure.

Here, one question arises. When there are thousands of different aromatic, and good looking flowers present all around us, why are roses the most preferred and popular flowers? 

To figure this out, we conducted research and came up with the following reasons behind the ever-growing popularity of roses.

Heavenly Grace & Soul-soothing Aroma of Roses

If nature were a poet, rose is a poem. A synonym of delicacy and beauty, roses are available in different colors, and each color is a feast for eyes. The petals so velvety, one would definitely fall for its softness. 

Roses are a complete package of elegance, beauty, magic, power, and joy. They are nature’s way of mesmerizing visions. Many philosophers represented rose as a life where smooth petals reflect happiness, and thorns indicate difficulties. 

To enjoy the soft and smooth rose petal, one must go beyond the thorns of struggle. That’s how roses explain the journey of life.  

The aroma of this admirable flower is as unique as the love. Due to its exquisite fragrance, roses are widely used to create scents, perfumes, and fragrances. This 35 million years old plant has been a prominent member of the perfume industry since ancient times. 

Every Occasion Needs A Rose

We all prefer flowers for decorations, and roses are the loved flowers among all. Be it a birthday, marriage, funeral, prayers, festivals, or any other occasion, it’s quite common to see an ambiance full of different colored roses. 

Every color of roses expresses a unique feeling, and this is why it has become a mainstream tradition nowadays to carry a bouquet of roses to the events. It is said that roses convey your wishes to the almighty.

Eye-Catching Colours Of Roses

Colors possess the power to inspire visions, and roses, for this reason, are widely popular. No matter what your favorite colors are, you can get a rose in its most excellent shade. With over 360 rose breeds, each breed is available in nearly 12 colors

Each color symbolizes a different theory and adds meaning to your bouquet or gift that delivers the perfect spirit. 

Roses Are Economic & Perfect For Gardening

Don’t be surprised if you see at least one rose plant in around 8 out of 10 households in your locality. Perhaps, the biggest reason behind this is that roses are affordable and readily available.

There are no soil restrictions, and they do not occupy more space in your garden. Many are now into rose cultivation business as they bloom repeatedly and quickly. These highly adaptable flowers are versatile and can be grown with a shallow need for maintenance.

Even The Number Of Roses Convey A Unique Message

When you think about gifting a rose to express your feelings, picking up a perfectly colored rose is not enough. The number of roses you are giving also has a lot to do with what you want to convey.

For example, when you give a single red rose to someone, it expresses your love. However, when you give someone a bouquet of 21 red roses, it reflects courage and commitment. To learn about the meaning of numbers of roses, click here.

Roses Are Timeless

When you are stuck on deciding something beautiful for a gift, remember that roses are always appreciated. Such gifts will never go out of fashion. 

The time-honored beauty of roses is highly preferred for many occasions for their colors, styles, sizes, and shapes.  

Rose Is A Universal Flower

Rose is a national flower of around 10 countries (crazy, isn’t it?). The following nations have declared rose as their national flower:

  • England
  • USA
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Czech Republic
  • Bulgaria
  • Burkina Faso
  • Maldives
  • South Korea
  • Romania

When you want to win hearts with gifts, choose roses as they speak well of love, beauty, courage, and happiness. A perfect way to express your soul, roses will always remain the most beautiful flowers among all.

Cultural Significance of Roses 

War Of Roses

The Wars of Roses is a series of brutal and blood bathed civil wars for the English Throne fought between two royal houses: The House of York and The House of Lancasters. These two powerful dynasties were locked in a battle for the crown of England. A Real-life Game of Thrones, Britishers never had experienced such treachery and bloodshed they saw in the Wars of Roses.  

This war was fought between 1455 and 1485. The heraldic badges of the competing houses became a significant reason behind the name “Wars of Roses.” The red rose badge represented Lancastrians, and white rose represented Yorkists.

Sir Walter Scott made the name “Wars of Roses” standard in the 19th century through his novel named “ Anne of Geierstein.” Sir Scott was inspired by a scene from the play Henry VI, Part 1 of the most excellent storyteller of all, William Shakespeare. This scene shows how some noblemen and lawyers chose red rose to support the House of Lancaster, and others chose white rose to be with Yorkists faction. The scene takes place in the garden of a temple church that’s laden with colorful roses. Shakespeare presented the War of Roses as the darkest chapter in the history of Great Britain. Filled with bloody wars and deadly hate, Shakespeare presents the Wars of Roses as the darkest period of English history. 

The origin of the rose as a symbol goes back to Henry I’s use of a “golden rose stalked proper.” Yorkists adopted the white rose symbol from the beginning of the war, whereas Lancastrians started using red rose badge after Henry Tudor won the Battle of Bosworth in 1485.

The roots of the Wars of Roses goes back to 1440, according to historian Matthew Lewis. That was the time when Jack Cade’s rebellion shook the foundation of the Lancaster dynasty. Despite the significant conflicts that damaged the Lancasters, Jack Cade was finally captured by Lancastrian troops and the rebellion was officially ended. 

Through the descent from the sons of Edward III, the house of Lancasters and Yorks both claimed the English throne. Lancasters had ruled England unopposed since 1399 until Yorkists claimed the throne in the mid 15th century. Henry VI was chosen to protect the realm after the sudden demise of Henry V in 1422. During the era of King Henry VI, the English kingdom was indirectly ruled by the aristocratic bodies and the king’s council. 

The influential and opportunist relatives of the king Henry VI used this period to grasp a chance to be the heads of the state, and within no time, the king’s council became a bloody battleground. 

At the end of this series of wars in 1485, the Lancasters defeated Yorkists, and Henry VII became the official king of England. To summarize the roses’ part in this, it was some legends that took roots when William Shakespeare and some popular personalities wrote about this war. Many modern historians still argue that neither Lancasters nor yorks were recognized solely by the floral emblems. In fact, the name “Wars of Roses” was stamped in the 19th century.

The Great Bread And Roses Strike Of 1912

Roses have their own place in some of the most legendary historical events. The Great Bread and Roses Strike of 1912 is one of them.

When America burst into the 20th century, there was a line of new inventions in automobiles, movies, refrigerators, the radio, aviation, and so on. American life changed rapidly with modern machinery and technology.

In this changing time, big factories replaced small workshops and became a center of wealth. It was the era of huge businesses, developing cities, and growth.

Long story short, the Bread and Rose strike was the result of the progress centered on just a specific class.

One of the most iconic strikes of all time, The Bread and Rose strike occurred in Lawrence, Massachusetts, when there was a reduction in the weekly wages of factory workers.

Back then, American women’s activist Helen Todd used the slogan “bread for all, and roses too” for the first time. In this political slogan, bread represented living wages, and roses meant dignity.

Unquestionably, roses are one of the most meaningful and unique ways to convey your feelings. History and culture both have marked its significance in human lives, and there is no better way for expressing your feelings than with a wisely selected single or a bunch of roses.


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